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So what's the difference? Why should I hire you?

Easy to work with.

Although it might sound silly, a photographer with an easy going personality goes a long way to making your day a lot more enjoyable. The wrong photographer can make your day more stressful. I do my level best to help ease the anxious moments in any way I can. This is one of the biggest comments I get from previous brides.

Always Two Cameras.

I carry two professional cameras at all times so that there is always a backup. Although we don't like to think about it, things can go wrong. Having a second camera at hand means when something stops working, I'm still ready to shoot.

Smaller memory cards.

You may wonder why this matters, but it does. Rather than shooting your images on one huge card that can fail, dooming your entire wedding, I swap out smaller cards regularly. Even if one card fails, you will still have lots of great images from your wedding.

Multiple Backup.

Once your images are loaded onto my computer, they are immediately backed up onto a separate disk (that's three copies). Once  a week they are backed up onto an archive disk. After they have been processed they are stored in your gallery on the web. There is plenty of redundancy built into the process so that there is no risk of loosing your photos to a system error.

Ongoing training.

Over and above my original photographic training, I continue to do online and in person training to improve my skills and sharpen them so that my photography continues to get better all the time.

WPPIC Certification, PPOC Accreditation.

As part of that on-going training, I have been certified by the Wedding and Portrait Professionals International as a wedding and portrait photographer and accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada. That means that my knowledge and skill have been peer reviewed - you don't have to simply trust Facebook strangers to know your images will be good.

Free "no-obligation" Engagement Session.
"Try before you buy" if you wish and enjoy a free, no-obligation, engagement session. You'll get to see what it's like to work with me, and what the images you receive will look like.

Fast Turn Around.

You won't be waiting months to receive your images. Getting them done is a priority for me as this is my full time business. 

Full Time Experience.

Shooting photography full time means that there is experience behind the camera. When I'm in a situation, I know what needs to be changed quickly to adjust to the situation.

Take Charge and Leave it be.

As a photographer you need both. There are times when you need to take charge - like when you need to wrangle a group together and put them in the right spot for that group photo, and there are times when you need to disappear and allow things to happen their natural course - like when the ceremony is on; you don't want your photographer interfering with the proceedings.

Tell me more...

Thanks! Message sent.

Post processing.

The pictures are good right out of camera. They are even better after some post processing. Images may be too dark or too bright, too orange or too blue depending on the lighting for a particular shot. Every image is inspected and corrected to improve it's quality. This takes time. A typical wedding can have 3-6 days of post processing depending on the number of images that are taken (usually between 1000-3000  images).

Great hardware and software.

Equipment is not what makes a good photo. Just because you have a great hammer doesn't make you a great carpenter. It takes a good photographer to take a good photo. Still, good equipment ensures your image will be of the highest quality. The software used to process your images also makes a huge difference. All of your images are shot on full frame Canon DSLR equipment using quality lenses. Your images are shot in RAW format to ensure the maximum exposure and colour quality. Post processing uses several pieces of software to correct any errors in exposure, colour and to filter "noise", further improving their quality. It all starts with a good capture, and every step after that only makes things better.

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