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Need a Location?

So you want to pick a location for your photos, but you are not sure where? You can choose anywhere that fits your own expression of who you are! Still at a loss? Here are a number of locations for you to check out. Find a spot that you think fits your personality, or the idea you have for your images:

Bolender Park, Elmira
Lot's of open green space, a nice bridge, river and awesome trees. A nice simple location and most of the park is usually fairly quiet.


Guelph Arboretum
Some awesome landscaping and seasonal flowers make this a great place. Usually fairly quiet too with large open areas.


Elora Gorge

If you like nature, the gorge is a fantastic place to go for a walk. There are some cool rocks in the river that can be used to stand on if you don't want your feet wet, or you can paddle in the shallow water. Forests are lush and with a little added light make for great shots. Above there is unique architecture.


River Song

Beautiful landscaping in the back of the restaurant. They request a small donation - what you wish to provide. Very rustic and natural.


Gibson Park - Elmira

This is a park with a very busy playground, but there are plenty of trails and wooded areas that make for beautiful secluded photos. Be prepared for some mud though if it has been wet.


Victoria Park, Kitchener

This park is usually very busy but has plenty of places to stop for pictures and is large enough that there is always room to work. The scenery is varied  and if you don’t mind a bit of a walk, there is plenty of variety for pictures - bridges, flowers, walkways, waterways and a clock tower.


Cambridge Mill

A classic place  for photos - stone bridges and walls, the river and walkways with churches nearby. Close to the Cambridge Mill restaurant - a popular place for weddings.


Huron Natural Area

Lots of walking trails with a few boardwalks. Plenty of trees.


Downtown Kitchener

Downtown Kitchener offers City Hall and not far from it some interesting alleys with graffiti art and a more urban feel.


City Hall - Kitchener

As long as there is no festival happening, City Hall offers one of the few possible indoor locations in the area. It's modern style and open space make for nice, clean photos.


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